Help Desk


Instruction & Assembly

Automatic Bobbin Winder Directions

Owners Manual & Parts Book for NEW-TECH Portable Walking Foot Long Arm Zig Zag Machine

Instructions for direct drive motor

Owners manual & PART BOOK FOR MB-90

Owners Manual & Parts Book For New-Tech B8

Textile Cleaning Gun (CM-11)


Owners manual & part book for Fabric Drill Marker, Electric, Hot & Cold (8")

Owners manual and part book for End Cutter, Semi-Automatic Up To 96"

JUKI DDL-8700 Instruction Manual

instruction for Electric Rotary Cutter (3") Heavy Duty Multipurpose wd-2


Manual for Cloth Spreader Manual Expandable

Instructions for Heavy Duty Press Machine (grommets, snaps, rivets)

PDF Instructions for Heavy Duty Press Machine

Instructions for Hammer/Anvil Handsetting Tool

Assembly Photos for Press Machine with Foot Press (kick press)

Assembly Photos for Sewing Table (Juki Single Thread)

Assembly Diagram for Industrial Production/Cutting Table

Instructions for Allstar (AS-100K/AS-101/AS-100LH) Mini Rotary Cutting Machine

Assembly Instructions for Swatch Cutter

How to Change Blade on Swatch Cutter



Demonstration of Pneumatic Fabric and Swatch Cutter

Demonstration of Heavy Duty Press Machine (green model)

Demonstration of Super Heavy Duty Press Machine - PM-5 (gray model)

Demonstration of Pneumatic Tagging Gun (TM-300)


Sizing Charts:

Millimeter to Inch Chart

Eyelets and grommets sizing chart


Parts Books/Diagrams:

Spare Parts for Cutting Machines (KM RC-100 , RS-100 , RSD-100 & XD-100)

Spare Parts for Allstar (AS-100K/AS-101/AS-100LH) Mini Rotary Cutting Machine

Spare Parts Book for Electric Press Machine (GS-808)

Spare Parts Eastman Straight Knife Cutting Machines


Color Cards for Wholesale Orders:

YKK zipper color card

Import zipper color card

Hook & Loop (velcro) color card

Thread color card (T-27)

Seam Binding/Ribbon Color Chart


Body Form Assembly Instructions

601 & 602 PGM Ladies Halfbody Assembly

603 PGM Ladies Halfbody Assembly

604 PGM Ladies Halfbody Assembly

605 PGM Ladies Fullbody Assembly

607 & 607Y PGM Men's Assembly

608 & 608Y PGM Men's Assembly

609 & 609G PGM Ladies' Pants Assembly

610 PGM Men Pants Assembly

611 PGM Pregnant Dress Assembly

612L PGM Large Women Fullbody Assembly

613A PGM Girls Assembly

613B & 613C PGM Children's Assembly

614 PGM Half Scale Assembly

614A PGM Half Scale Assembly

701A PGM Bridal Assembly

701B PGM Men's Assembly

701C PGM Children's Assembly

701F PGM Ladies' Assembly

701G PGM Men's Assembly

701H PGM Children Assembly

702 PGM Display Assembly

702A & 702A-A PGM Assembly

703 PGM Display Assembly

703A & 703A-A PGM Assembly

901A & 901B Metal Body Form Assembly

901C Hanging Metal Body Assembly

901D & 901E Metal Body Assembly