Bag Closing Machine, Stitcher, Portable

This portable bag closer made by New-Tech, our proprietary brand, is a dream come true for small scale industrial production of goods in bags or sacks. This is the hand-held version of the standard bag closing method for heavy industry. Designed for bags of rice, flour, animal feed, fertilizer, chemicals, gravel, charcoal or anything you can fit in a bag.

At 13.9 pounds this machine can be carried by a single technician. Close bags or sacks made of cloth, cotton, hessian, heavy paper, jute and more.

The standard method for closing heavy duty bagged goods is to stand above the bag with the closer in one hand. Place the corner of the open bag in near the needle, then engage the machine and guide with the free hand. Once the bag is closed, the thread is cut automatically.

  • Single thread chain stitch
  • 3.5 stitches per inch
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Oil pump lubrication system
  • Pump once every 2 hours to oil main moving parts
  • Plastic Insulated handle
  • 90w 110 volt motor
  • Light weight, approx 13.9 lbs with thread

Includes: Instructions, 10 needles, one cone of thread,  wrench, flat screwdriver, oil bottle, two spare motor bushings, one spare motor belt.

Weight 15.00 lbs
Our price: $199.99
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